Manifesto for Coach Assessment

Did you say butterfly effect!

We are uncovering better ways of assessing a coach.
Traditional performance assessment approaches will need to be abandoned and replaced with fundamental shifts in assessment techniques and behaviors.

Through this work we have come to think creatively about those fundamental shifts:

From feedback gatherers to evidence seekers.

From quality control police to movement creation sensors.

From performance reviewers to change impact monitors

That is, while there is value in the items on the left, we value the items on the right more.

Manifesto for Coach Assessment

Some comments on the manifesto:

  • Evidence seekers: We are not looking at what people are saying about the coach…we are looking for clues that those people being coached have actually changed.
  • Movement creation sensors:  We are not looking for perfection in our coaches…we are looking for movement creators and resistance fighters.
  • Change impact monitors: We are are not looking to assign ratings to our coaches or to categorize them…we are looking to reward them for their ability to manifest change.


This manifesto was inspired in large part from Len Lagestee.

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