The Product Perspective Workshop

Why Product Perspective Workshop?

The product perspective workshop is all about creativity and interpretation. It exists to reveal insights and paths forward through nonverbal expression. It helps to reveal the multi-facets of reality, and hence, accelerates alignment and developing common understanding in groups.

For whom the Product Perspective Workshop?

Are you a product owner and you are facing divergence between stakeholders around a feature? Are you a scrum master and you are facing divergent perspectives between team members regarding an impediment? Are you a change agent and you are seeking a common understanding and alignment between several stakeholders? if you answered yes to one of these questions then this blog post is for you. If not, but you are curious about fostering collaboration and using visual methods to reach a common understanding in groups then you are at the right place.

Steps to facilitate the Product Perspective Workshop

Structuring Invitation

  • Invite participants to draw an 8-year old drawing to express their opinion on a given subject: coach mission, scrum master role, agile transformation, testing strategy,… only drawings, no words!

How Space Is Arranged and Materials Needed

  • An open wall with tapestry paper or easels with blank pages in flip charts
  • Water-based markers; soft pastels if you are feeling colorful

How Participation Is Distributed

  • Everyone is included
  • All participants make their individual drawings simultaneously

How Groups Are Configured

  • Individually to make first drafts of their drawings
  • Small groups of 1–4 others to interpret the drawings and to draw together

Sequence of Steps and Time Allocation

  • Using 1-2-4-ALL for large groups:
  • [5 min] Invite participants to draw individually and without words to express their understanding of SM Role/ Agile Coach Mission/Agile transformation/ User Journey etc…
  • [10 min] Ask participants to form pairs to interpret their drawings (2 min) and then to draw together (8 min) a new drawing that reflects the common understanding of the pair on the topic.
  • [25 min] Ask pairs to for groups of four. In these groups proceed to interpret their drawings (5 min)and then to draw together (20 min) a new drawing that reflects the common understanding of the four participants on the topic.
  • [15 min] Use a Shift and Share to share the drawings with all the participants.
  • [5 min] Ask the whole group, “Together, what do the drawings reveal?” Use 1-2-4-All with larger groups.

Below: Visual stories created in 60-minute Product Perspective Workshop sessions

Feedback on the workshop from participants

I facilitated this workshop for a POPM CoP (Product Management community of practice) and the results were promising: I facilitated the workshop with experimenting on two topics. For each topic, we run the 1-2-4-ALL sequence. However, for a single session, the team preferred to focus on a single topic with a single iteration for better focus.

KudosPoints to improve
Concrete issues and solutions tackled
Keep it to one single topic for focus
Found workshop interesting, recommended for POs and PMs
More time to explain the pair picture
Feedback from attendees (POs and PMs) from Product Workshop Session


I first learned this workshop from my colleague Matthieu Bourgue, a professional executive coach from Wemanity Group. I am sharing it with some adjustments that I introduced as a facilitator. Thank you Matthieu!

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